Welcome to the area for advertisers. Find all information about advertising on online-spellcheck.com and how you can use it to effectively promote your products or increase brand awareness.

Why should you advertise with us

We have a large user base from around the world that are specifically interested in:
  • Software that helps to correct written text.
  • Manual proofreading.
  • Professional translation services.
  • Dictionaries, online language classes.
  • Tools to learn a language like books or CDs
We accept advertisements for software that does a spellcheck on the device of the user. Online services that provide similar features as this website (same business model) are prohibited.

Can I target only some users?

Yes, this is possible. Our third party adserver from Google allows geotargeting, capping and the like.

What are the formats of advertisements you offer?

We currently have a 300x250 banner integrated on our website. But we are open to new formats like a different size, hockeysticks and the like. We do not accept Popups, Popunders, interstitials or any format a user has to actively close or is hiding our content. Paid link requests are considered spam.

How much does it cost?

This depends largely on the countries you select and the volume of impressions we can offer. Please ask for an offer and I'm sure we'll find a way.


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Let Us Know

We are constantly improving our spelling and grammar checker. If you need more features or find an error, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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