The benefits and features add up to so much more than a spelling check!

  1. No download or credit card required!
  2. Your text is examined and checked against 947 spelling and grammar rules.
  3. Anyone can benefit! Check resumes, essays, business proposals, academic reports, and stories. is so much more than just a spellchecker! Not only will it identify spelling errors and grammar mistakes, but it will also help you refine your writing skills by addressing fine points you may have missed.

  1. Commonly switched words - Yes, there is a difference between "wildly received" and "widely received" and will show you.
  2. Contextual misspellings - Do you mix up their, there, and they're? What about to, too, and two? Words that sound the same, but have a different meaning will be identified.
  3. Improve Readability - Style is made up of the little things that can be overlooked while we're working hard to finish a project. Our grammar check will let you know if too many sentences begin with the same word or if you mix up your tenses.
  4. Typo Detection - Common typos that may be spelled correctly, but are still wrong, like "feel tree (free) to"

You're not done writing until you use!
Does Word correct these sentences? No!
"There are only so many ours in the day." Contextual misspelling: "ours" should be "hours"
"I should of thought of that." Commonly misspelled: "of" should be "have"

The main benefit is the peace of mind knowing that you have a completely proofread text that you can be proud of. You can now feel confident using words such as "whom" that intimidate many writers. Impress people by knowing when to properly use e.g. and i.e. will catch any errors and explain why they need to be fixed.


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We are constantly improving our spelling and grammar checker. If you need more features or find an error, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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